This site gives an overview of what Sir Max has to offer you.

Sir Max offers a wide range of high quality men’s shoes and accessories. Since size numbers only cover part of the story, we choose to advise on an individual level, far beyond just numbers and colors. The combination of your feet and our refined shoes simply requires the eye of an expert to advise you best. That is what you deserve as a customer.

As you can see, we do not have a so-called web shop. We trust that you, like no other, know your own feet very well. However, we cannot sell you our shoes that are made with so much love, passion and expertise, through a simple mouse click. We don’t have to explain to you as an expert, that a quality product that requires such eye for detail deserves the proper attention. More important, to advise you best, our shoes require to be fitted to you individually.

Of course you can re-order a pair that you have bought from us previously, and that you are happy with, based on your exact measurements that we have kept safe on record for you.

Internet may fit today’s world, but your shoes you fit in our shop.

We will make you feel more than welcome.

Sir Max
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